Early 2017 – Updated Website

Early 2017 – Updated Website

New year and new website. The old website went down in late 2016 as the old hosting provider was acquired by a larger company. The web technology used on the old site was massively out of date and no longer fit for purpose.

The new website is using newer software and now uses HTTPS. The content will be along the same lines as before (personal interests. See: About) and the intent is that the new website will feature new content more often.

In my head articles of a timeless nature will appear as ‘pages’ while those of a more temporary nature (in the moment) will appear as ‘posts’. The latter are essentially blog posts.

Blog posts which have the date in the URL while pages will nor have the date in the URL.

Archive Website

The following list is the structure of the old website. This was the structure from 2009 to 2016. Going forward from early 2017 the structure is as above.

  • Thoughts: The main articles of the website. You no longer have to register in order to comment. [Commenting is no longer available on archive content]
  • Creative Writing: This is my seperate blog for creative writing. I caved and started to use WordPress.
  • Cryptocurrency: A starting point for learning about cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin). I provide some explanation along with a bunch of useful links. Look at the sub-links and find out the popular alternatives to Bitcoin and the latest prices.
  • Links: A compact/concise list of places this site links to.
  • Contact: Send me a message. [No longer functioning in the archive]


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