The old website went down in late 2016 as the old hosting provider was acquired by a larger company. The web technology used on the old site was massively out of date and no longer fit for purpose.

Archive Structure

This was the structure from 2009 to 2016.

Broad Structure

The following list is the top-level structure of the old website.

  • Thoughts: The main articles of the website. You no longer have to register in order to comment. [Commenting is no longer available on archive content]
  • Creative Writing: This is my separate blog for creative writing.
  • Cryptocurrency: A starting point for learning about cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin). I provide some explanation along with a bunch of useful links. Look at the sub-links and find out the popular alternatives to Bitcoin and the latest prices.
  • Links: A compact/concise list of places this site links to.
  • Contact: Send me a message. [No longer functioning in the archive]

Thoughts sub-section

The following list is the structure of the Thoughts sub-section of the old website. This represents the bulk of what I wrote on my old website. It should be fairly complete but may have a few missing. Each link will lead through the original article. The numbers indicate the chronological of the article: e.g. “227-”  is the ID of the most recent article. Unfortunately I haven’t yet attempted to update the format of these files. That would be a lot of work and perhaps something for the future.




Algebra and Geometry of Opinion (AGO)

Computing and Technology


Science, technology, nature

Economics, Investing, and Entrepreneurship



Enterprise and entrepreneurship



Books Reviews

Book Reviews: Non-Fiction

Book Reviews: Fiction




Orphic Hymns

Old Norse

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