Cryptocurrency posts from the archive

Cryptocurrency posts from the archive

With the recent boom in Cryptocurrencies (and all things blockchain) I decided to create a new post to link back to my old posts. They cover Bitcoin, Litecoin and some general cryptocurrencies comments. The earliest post is from 2012 although some others are from 2013. It is interesting to re-read these. In the first post the price of Bitcoin was $12 and in a later post the price was $750. FYI, these posts are preserved in the Internet Archive (Way Back Machine).


I can’t promise that all the links inside will still work. These articles are now preserved in an archived state. They were ported over from my old website which used older software. They aren’t so pleasant on the eye but do make for interesting history. 🙂


Proof of History

I came across Bitcoin in 2010 but didn’t blog about it until 2012. I also started a Bitcointalk profile back in 2012; click to see my Profile.

Here is a link to my first article in 2012 from the Internet Archive:

Also, when I was getting into cryptocurrencies I started to teach myself cryptography. I did what I could from online sources but eventually purchased a text book. My review of it (written in 2014) can be found here: Amazon review – Everyday Cryptography.

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